Decentralised Identity Standards

The Decentralised Identity standards that will be used in the DARP protocol and by Decentralised Address Name Registrars are Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials. A DID is a URI (e.g. did:example:123456789abcdefghi) that is unique to an entity (person, organisation) wanting to store identity information. A DID resolves to a DID Document that is stored on a blockchain and is cryptographically signed by the owner. An example of a DID Document is as follows:

  "@context": "",
  "id": "did:example:123456789abcdefghi",
  "authentication": [{
    "id": "did:example:123456789abcdefghi#keys-1",
    "type": "Ed25519VerificationKey2018",
    "controller": "did:example:123456789abcdefghi",
    "publicKeyBase58": "H3C2AVvLMv6gmMNam3uVAjZpfkcJCwDwnZn6z3wXmqPV"
  "service": [{
    "type": "AddressResolverDocument",
    "serviceEndpoint": "",
    "ardHash": "sha512-3bb12eda3c298db5de25597f54d924f2e17e78a26ad8953ed8218ee682f0bbbe9021e2f3009d152c911bf1f25ec683a902714166767afbd8e5bd0fb0124ecb8a"

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