The DARP protocol will be built on top of existing open Decentralised Identity (DI) standards, as we consider friendly Address Names (and the addresses they resolves to) to be an identity construct. Decentralised Identity (sometimes called Self Sovereign Identity) is a burgeoning use case for blockchain technology that is being led by organisations such as the W3C, OASIS, the Decentralised Identity Foundation (DIF) and projects such as The Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Indy & Aries.

In addition to using Decentralised Identity standards, the team working on the DARP protocol will be using the Cardano blockchain for the required decentralised ledger components, which are being introduced by IOHK to support their Atala PRISM identity solution. Cardano is the first provably secure third generation blockchain that has been designed using peer reviewed scientific research and developed using formal methods. This provides a strong foundation that we believe will endure for some time and provides confidence to those that have not yet come to trust earlier generation blockchains.

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